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Published by DK

By Robert Cumming

RRP: £40.00

About Art

The ultimate introduction to global art, presenting 30,000 years of creativity in one lavishly illustrated book.

Discover all you need to know about art history in this definite guide. Art: The Definitive Visual Guide brings a gallery of more than 2,500 of the world's finest paintings and sculptures into your home.

Spanning 30,000 years, from cave paintings to contemporary art, this stunning chronological exploration of every major artistic movement introduces the major milestones of each period, from the tomb paintings of Ancient Egypt, Qing Dynasty Chinese art, through to 20th century Cubism and African art today.

Dedicated spreads explain how art works, for example introducing how artists use colour and composition. A visual timeline of key works gives an overview of the scope of each major movement, and each era and art movement is introduced with key information, placing art in the context of its time.

Accessible to art novices as well as seasoned enthusiasts, Art: The Definitive Visual Guide is a must-have for any bookshelf.