Sparks of Imagination

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Published by DK Children

By Stephen Hogtun

Illustrated by Stephen Hogtun

RRP: £12.99

About Sparks of Imagination

This colourful picture book shows children the power and wonder of their imagination.

In this timely and important book, author and illustrator Stephen Hogtun shows young readers aged 5-7 the inspiration and confidence that can come from the figments of your imagination.

Every child has their own little spark of imagination that is with them, no matter what comes their way. With it, children can move skies, paint rainbows, shape clouds, and create whole new worlds. Find out how to let your imagination SOAR, SOAR, SOAR!

This inspiring and imaginative book for children offers:

- An introduction to how precious imagination is for children and teaches them how to look after it so they can use it to thrive.
- Development of children’s imaginative skills which helps them to become good storytellers, creates emotional connections with others, and improves their self-esteem.
- Encouragement of children’s creativity, visual thinking, and play - abilities needed for school and beyond.

Sparks of Imagination teaches children that their spark is always with them and is a brilliant listener that never judges. A spark can also be shared with others to encourage and help them feel strength and belonging. To keep it burning bright, they try tea parties, become pirates, and follow treasure maps!

Author and illustrator Stephen Hogtun's gorgeous use of colour and distinctive text helps to explore the wonder of imagination and make it accessible to children.