Kindness Club Squirrel Learns to Forgive

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Published by DK Children

By Ella Law

Illustrated by Laura Vitoria Jager

RRP: £9.99

About Kindness Club Squirrel Learns to Forgive

Get to know the animals of the Kindness Club and discover how Squirrel learns the importance of forgiving others and showing them kindness.

This heartwarming story encourages children ages 3-5 to always be kind to one another, through beautiful illustrations and a playful story with an important underlying message.

Rainbow Island is having a baking competition! Squirrel sets off with his famous chocolate cake, but when Goat crashes into him, the cake goes flying. Squirrel is inconsolable. However, he later finds out that it was an accident. Will Squirrel learn to forgive Goat's actions? Will Goat accept Squirrel's kindness?

This charming book for children features:

- A strong underlying message encouraging children to do kind deeds and continue to be kind.
- Teaches the idea that being kind is not a one-off action; it is a way of being, in order to be a member of the Kindness Club.
- Whimsical illustrations that sit alongside a heart-warming story about kindness.
- Parent/carer notes to promote discussion between adults and children, questions that encourage understanding of the topic, and two activities: making a Kindness Club Badge and making a Peacock Fan that will track your kind deeds.

Children will love the animal characters, and learning and understanding the different ways we can be kind to one another. There are lots of extra learning opportunities, from questions about the story to activities showing you how to make your own Kindness Badge to notes for parents and carers to extend learning and reinforce positive behaviour.

In the words of Badger, who runs the Kindness Club, “When you show kindness, it makes you and your friends feel good.”

At DK, we believe in the power of discovery. So why stop here!

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