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Published by DK

By Austin Chiang

RRP: £15.00

About Gut

Become body literate with Gut: An Owner's Guide, the next book in The Body Literacy Library, an enlightening series that will democratise health for a new generation of readers.

Gut: An Owner's Guide is an informative, practical, and engaging introduction to this hidden-away part of the body. We tend to only pay attention to our gut when it tries to tell us something - when it feels uncomfortable or something goes wrong. This myth-busting book focuses on all aspects of gut health, so you can steer clear of Dr Google and find out what will really make your gut happier and healthier.

Dr Austin Chiang is a world-renowned expert in gut health and TikTok star, who believes everyone has a right to know and understand their body. He translates medical jargon into simple, clear prose, answering frequently asked patient queries, and investigating what we fear, and most misunderstand about our gut.

From what you should eat (or not) to how often you should poo, to the microbiome and the brain/gut connection - this taboo-tackling book applies science to the everyday, with simple illustrations, checklists, FAQs, and myth busters, all supported by the latest medical research. Gut: An Owner's Guide won't just help you to understand your body, it might even change your life.