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Published by DK Children

By Radzi Chinyanganya

RRP: £8.99

About Radzi's Incredible Facts

A book for curious kids filled with unforgettable facts, from the brilliant to the bizarre!

What's the furthest distance ever run without stopping? Which language has the most words? How many times do we blink each day, year, or in an entire lifetime? How deep is the deepest hole that's ever been dug? How hot are the world's hottest chillies? Do you know the answers? If not, then this fact book is for you.

This fun and educational book for children aged 5-9 is packed with quirky questions and answers about every topic you can possibly think of. Learn about feminism, ears, pirates, and even belly buttons, Radzi's Incredible Facts will have curious minds hooked. No question is too random for Radzi!

This exciting children's fact book offers:

- Key topics for children, from bizarre facts about the human body and incredible historical figures, to unbelievable sporting feats and amazing animals.
- An intriguing question and answer format that clearly groups topics to generate interest and engage young readers.
- Content by the author of well-known UK children's television personality Radzi Chinyanganya - former presenter of the BBC's Blue Peter.
- A balance of text and illustrations on each page, making it engaging for young readers.

Kids can dazzle their friends and family with unforgettable facts and astounding information from former Blue Peter presenter Radzi Chinyanganya. Young minds are so inquisitive and always asking questions! Ever wondered where to find the answers to tricky and curious questions about everything, from sleep to snow and diseases to diamonds? Then look no further! This book is brimming with questions and answers you didn't even know you needed.