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Published by DK Children

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About Illustrated Sports Encyclopedia

The ultimate guide to more than 100 top sports from around the world, from basketball to blade running.

Are you a team player? Do you have a steady aim? Maybe you are super fast or strong? Whatever your size or skill, there is a sport out there for you.

The Illustrated Sports Encyclopedia is the ultimate illustrated guide to the diverse world of sport, from the best known ball-sports, athletics, and water sports to the most obscure racket sports and races (anyone for a game of pickleball?). The book showcases different sports by grouping them into categories including team sports, target sports, winter sports, wheels and motors, horse sports, and extreme sports.

This illustrated guide to sports for kids offers:

- A dynamic visual design and clear language, explaining all the sports essentials to understand and enjoy the featured sports.
- A core overview to explain each sport through "aim of the game" boxes, and essential equipment.
- Clear, intuitive categories that divide the sports, allowing kids to expand their understanding and compare similar sports they are interested in.
- Special features to tell the story of the Olympics and Paralympics, focusing on the history, aims, and spirit of the Games.

The Illustrated Sports Encyclopedia is a must-have title for all young sports enthusiasts, particularly in the run up to the 2024 Paris Olympics. A special section on the Olympic and Paralympic Games looks at their history, from the early Greek games right up to the present day, with Summer and Winter Olympic sports clearly identified and explained.

Dynamic photography brings the sports to life, and complements the clear explanations and artworks that describe the rules, equipment, competitions, and common terms.