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Published by DK

By Stephen Parker

RRP: £25.00

"The author's admirable prose style leads us on an endless series of enjoyable excursions, many of which illustrate the simple truth that the evolution of gardens reflects that of wider society"

Country Life

"Profiling some of England's most celebrated gardens, both old and new, this erudite, well-illustrated book also considers how future gardens might look. A thought-provoking look at how our identity has shaped our landscape."

Daily Mail

"A lavishly illustrated overview of English garden history, which brings a fresh style and offers a contemporary update."

Gardens Illustrated

"This is a beautiful but serious book about English garden history"

Cotswold Life

"Parker leaves his reader with an appetite for more, a refreshed eye, and a list of exciting new gardens, large and small, to be visited. It is invigorating, optimistic and uplifting."


About England's Gardens

We may all feel we know what an "English" garden is, but do we really? England's Gardens offers a holistic, modern-day tour and an update on the history of some of the most iconic, enduring, and influential gardens across the country.

A fresh take on a much-loved subject, this book will help you get to know England's gardens up close and personal. Garden historian Stephen Parker leads you through England's horticultural history, unearthing the cultural context and hidden stories behind the gardens, and bringing lesser-known garden makers to the fore. In five detailed historical chapters, Parker explores the making of the so-called "English" garden - from its origins in the formal splendour of stately homes, all the way to climate-change resilience and future-facing designs of the modern era.

Inside the pages of this stunning book on England's country gardens, you will find:

- 5 chapters of detailed narrative essays arranged in chronological order.
- Detailed profiles showcase significant garden makers.
- More than 20 photography-led garden case studies explore key gardens to visit in England today.
- Stunning, full-bleed, contemporary photography brings the gardens to life.
- Archival photography and historical art sheds light on the history and making of the gardens.

Discover the best gardens to visit today - with garden case studies showcasing everything England's gardens have to offer through stunning contemporary photography and careful analysis of planting schemes and garden makers' creative influences. From iconic sites like Sissinghurst and Great Dixter, to more unusual examples such as Prospect Cottage and The Laskett - this book celebrates England's gardens in all their glorious diversity, sublime beauty, and exuberant eccentricity.