DK IB collection: Diploma Programme (DP)

Slipcase cover of DK IB collection: Diploma Programme (DP)

Published by DK Children

RRP: £258.87

About DK IB collection: Diploma Programme (DP)

This brilliant DP collection is a selection of books from DK's Big Ideas series.

Ideal for agency-led, independent learning, the Big Ideas series is perfect for deeper and wider reading and for extended essay (EE) research. The content is wide-ranging and sophisticated enough for the rigours of the DP and offers a wealth of information for transdisciplinary inquiry.

DK's nonfiction, highly illustrated books are filled with expert, thorough, and fact-filled writing. Topics span extensive historical coverage to contemporary global issues such as climate change and the global pandemic. The content is accessible, enjoyable to read, and designed with young readers in mind through pages that clearly chunk information into different visual elements, including full-colour illustrations and maps, detailed timelines, inspirational quotes, famous people profiles, further research sections, directories, glossaries, and more.

The Big Ideas books all feature clear writing and simple design to convey complex concepts in a concise manner. The advantage of using one series means that busy DP students will find the content particularly easy to access, since all books share the same format and design elements.

This collection of books has been curated as supplementary materials around the six subject groups and the DP core principles to support and enhance schools' existing DP curriculums and comes with a free downloadable guide written in consultation with IB teachers and experts.