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Published by DK Children

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About DK Super Readers Level 3 Eruption!

Help your child power up their reading skills and learn all about the fiery mountains that are volcanoes with this engaging non-fiction reader carefully levelled to help children progress.

DK Super Readers Level 3: Eruption will introduce kids to everything they need to know about volcanoes - from where they start to what happens when they erupt, famous eruptions, and even how to make a model of one - and is a motivating introduction to using essential non-fiction reading skills, proving ideal for children ready to enter the riveting world of reading.

DK Super Readers take children on a journey through the wonderful world of non-fiction: travelling back to the time of dinosaurs, learning more about animals, exploring natural wonders and more, all while developing vital non-fiction reading skills and progressing from first words to reading confidently.

The DK Super Readers series can help your child practice reading by:

- Covering engaging, motivating, curriculum-aligned topics.
- Building knowledge while progressing key Years 4 and 5 reading skills.
- Developing subject vocabulary on topics such as volcanoes, eruptions, and the dramatic natural features of our world..
- Boosting understanding and retention through comprehension quizzes.

Each title, which has been levelled using MetaMetrics®: The Lexile Framework for Reading, integrates science, geography, history, and nature topics so there's something for all children's interests. The books and online content perfectly supplement core literacy programs and are mapped to the National Curriculum Standards. Children will love powering up their non-fiction reading skills and becoming reading heroes.

DK Super Readers Level 3 titles are visually engaging, full of fun facts about exciting topics, and motivate children to improve their non-fiction reading skills. Perfect for children ages 8 to 10 (Year 4 and 5) who are newly independent readers ready to advance.