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Published by DK

RRP: £7.99

About Be More Harry Styles

Authentic advice on subverting expectations and embracing kindness.

What would Harry do? Songwriter, trendsetter, social activist, mindfulness master - we'd all love to be more like Harry Styles. This "Golden" guide, packed with Styles wisdom, will show you how. Want to learn how to be your most authentic self, have the confidence to wear what you want, and find inner peace?
Discover how Harry finds his sparkle, so you can too.

Inside the pages of this book you will find:

- A mix of humour and sage advice that will resonate with any fan
- Chapters covering style, career, creativity, attitude, relationships, and more
- Stylish artwork and design appeals to key demographic

Famously charming, fabulously dressed, and unapologetically himself - there are so many reasons to want to be more Harry Styles. This book will show you how to channel this once-in-a-generation pop icon.

Following his stratospheric levels of fame as a member of One Direction, Harry has carved out his own unique path in the industry as a solo artist, actor, and fashion icon. Harry's approach to life, career, music, relationships, and style is inspirational to anyone who wants to subvert expectations, be authentically themselves, and treat people with kindness

Be More Harry Styles is the perfect gift for Harry Styles fans.