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Published by DK

By Derek Parker, Julia Parker

RRP: £30.00

About Parkers' Astrology

Discover this beautiful pack of hands-on resources to bring the power of modern astrology into your everyday life.

Using material from the latest edition of the best-selling resource, Parkers' Astrology, this interactive pack guides you through the key astrological building blocks and techniques to help you find your path in every aspect of life, from relationships and career to health and finances.

Lift the lid off this gorgeous box of treasures to understand precisely where you fit within the sun signs, planets, houses and moon cycles at play. Make sense of who you are and discover how the workings of the cosmos can affect and influence how you feel and what you do. With three sets of cards for the planets, sun signs, and houses, two double-sided wheels for the earth, wind, fire, and water elements, three twelve-sided astro dice, and a detailed handbook, you'll be equipped to tune into the complex astrological landscape and reclaim cosmic control of your life.

Decode the stars to write your own future! Dive right in to discover:

- Detailed information on Planets, Sun Signs, Houses, and Lunar Cycles.
- A section on how to use the following interactive elements included in the pack:
- Pack of 12 cards: Planets, including Chiron, and Nodes.
- Pack of 12 cards: Sun Signs.
- Pack of 12 cards: Houses.
- 2 x double-sided spinning wheels: For Earth, Fire, Air, Water.
- Astro-dice: 3 x 12-sided dice (one for Planets, Chiron, Nodes; one for Signs; one for Houses).

A must-have set for established astrologers who would like a beautiful set of resources that they can use every day - for themselves and for others, seeking the clarity and guidance that astrology can provide when making big decisions.