Flexibound cover of Shells

Published by DK

By S. Peter Dance

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About Shells

Discover over 500 species of sea shell from around the world with this pocket visual guide!

This comprehensive handbook combines authoritative text and crystal-clear photography, bringing to light the planet's most spectacular shells. Packed with more than 600 full-color photographs, this handy reference book cuts through the complexities of identification, helping you to recognise more than 500 species of sea shell.

Learn about the distinguishing characteristics of different shell species, where they came from, and how they came to look the way they do. For shell collecting beginners and conchology enthusiasts alike, this concise and portable guide will turn your next beach walk into an eye-opening journey of discovery!

Handbook of Shells is filled with all you need to know about shell collecting and identification!

Inside you'll find:

-Jargon-free profiles of each shell, supported by stunning photographs
-A shell identification key of every major group, making recognition easier than ever
-Practical instructions explaining how to start, clean, identify and display a shell collection
-Distribution maps illustrating the geographical range of each species

At-a-glance key facts to impress your friends!

Practical oceanology for all ages!

Have you ever wondered how such delicate shells are churned out of the world's raging oceans?

Now you can not only learn about our planet's most stunning sea shells, but also collect your own!

Handbook of Shells is expertly written and authenticated by the Smithsonian Institution, providing the most up to date scientific information on shell classification.

The perfect gift for a budding marine biologist, or anyone wanting to try their hand at beachcombing, this DK book is the clearest and sharpest sea shell guide out there!

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