Amazing Animal Journeys

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Published by DK Children

By Philippa Forrester

RRP: £20.00

"From mammals to bugs, this colourful book answers so many of those burning questions about where animals go and why. It is packed with facts and figures about a wide variety of animals and their migratory habits. Fact hunters will love the slow migration of the sloth down a tree in order to go to the toilet!! The book covers record breaking flights, plants on the move, hitchhikers and so much more. Perfect for the animal obsessed child and the curious child (or adult). This is a beautiful, engaging book to share. There are some incredible photographs accompanied by maps and illustrations to give a sense of how far these journeys are. Plus there is also a glossary to help the reader understand some of the tricky words."

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About Amazing Animal Journeys

Go on an epic adventure in this fascinating and detailed look at the incredible journeys that occur in the animal kingdom

Join animals as they embark on large scale migrations and travel through the natural world in this book that follows their incredible journeys. Little ones can read all about why animals travel far and wide in Amazing Animal Journeys; many are in search of food, some are looking for a mate, lots are heading to a warmer climate, and others are just seeking a new home.

This book for children aged 7-9 follows the unbelievable mass migrations of entire species with amazing facts and maps that tell the stories of nature's most amazing journeys. Discover the record-breaking flight of the Arctic Tern, who travels from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back every year, the sharks that follow plankton for enormous distances from the ocean depths to the surface from night to day, or the Monarch butterflies who use Earth's magnetic field to trace a path along the west coast of North America!

This educational book for animal lovers features:

- Lots of fun facts and statistics about the animal kingdom and their journeys
- Expertly written text by by television personality and wildlife expert Philippa Forrester, making the journeys extremely clear
- Detailed diagrams, maps and charts that bring the journey and experiences of each animal to life
- Beautiful full-page photographs of a variety of animal species alongside fascinating text

Amazing Animal Journeys is the perfect book for the animal obsessed and the endlessly curious who just can't get enough of wildlife and nature. With engaging information and absorbing images, this book is perfect for children to explore by themselves or with an equally curious adult.