The Renegades Flames of Amazonia

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Published by DK Children

By Jeremy Brown, David Selby, Katy Jakeway

Illustrated by Katy Jakeway, Libby Reed, Ellenor Mererid

RRP: £9.99

About The Renegades Flames of Amazonia

Back from their adventure in the Arctic, the Renegades are once again called to a climate emergency - flaming monsters threaten to destroy the Amazon rainforest!

Katelyn, Mo, and Leon need to use their superpowers to ensure that the world doesn't go up in flames - quite literally! This graphic novel for kids follows the three heroes as they stand face to face with the climate's latest threat.

The Renegades: Flames of Amazonia follows on from the popular The Renegades: Arctic Meltdown comic book. Filled with adventure and captivating artwork, this action-adventure series addresses pressing environmental issues and connects ideas such as eating meat, deforestation, and farming. This climate change book in particular tells the story of the potential worldwide disaster the destruction of the Amazon forest would cause. What's more, it helps teenagers between the age of 12-17 understand modern threats to the ecology and encourages them to be the superheroes of the real world.

Who can resist the temptation to go on a world-saving adventure? Together with the three protagonists, fight deadly fire-breathing creatures called Flamejantes and team up with local indigenous activists to stop them. And who knows, maybe solve the mystery of something - or someone - sinister that's behind the creatures' sudden appearance.

The second comic book in The Renegades series, and following The Renegades Arctic Meltdown, this graphic novel educates teenagers on the dire effect climate change is having on our planet.