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Published by DK Children

RRP: £8.99

About I Love You, Mummy

Show your mummy just how much you love her with this adorable board book for toddlers.

Introducing I Love You Mummy - an adorable baby book with beautiful scenes of mothers and babies from all across the animal kingdom and fun first words for your baby to encourage early learning.

From fluffy farmyard creatures to jungle animals, children will love meeting new mother and baby pairs on every page of this cute baby book ideal for 2 to 4 year olds. Bright images of cuddly animals are accompanied by gentle rhymes and repetition help little ones to learn and get involved.

Children will love listing all the things that mums do for them, and why they love them so much.
And mummies will, too!

Cuddle up close, and dive straight in to discover:

-A first introduction to animals from around the world
- Clear word labels help toddlers learn animal names and baby animal names, e.g. cat and kitten
- Lyrical, rhyming text can be read together

Featuring big, bright images of nine pairs of mothers and babies across the animal kingdom, which will warm the hearts of kids and parents alike, including koalas, llamas, dolphins, and elephants.
This heart-warming book celebrates the loving relationship and special bond between mothers and children, making it a fantastic Valentine's gift from baby to mummy!

The simple rhyming text makes this book perfect for reading aloud. In fact, recent studies in language development suggest that rhyming words are easy for children to engage with as the repetition and sounds allow them to predict what comes next, paving the way for learning to read.

Celebrate your child's curiosity with this must-have volume, part of a brand-new series from DK aimed at 3-5 year olds, proving the ideal book for children who love both animals and bedtime stories, and parents looking for an adorable book that celebrates the nurturing and loving relationship between mother and child.

Proving a lovely gift for a special occasion, whether a birthday or Valentine's day alike, the awe-inspiring illustrations truly bring all the animals to life whilst the gentle rhymes will help to keep your toddler engaged and entertained time and time again. The stylish illustrations with their full-colour images make this a must-have bedtime book and a timeless read.

This sweet board book is the perfect gift to show mums just how much we care about them.

Why stop there?

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