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Published by DK

Consultant editor Martin Rees

RRP: £9.99

About Universe

Packed with striking photography, Eyewitness Universe explores the incredible celestial bodies in our Solar System.

Become an eyewitness to outer space and beyond, in this picture-led reference guide that will take you on a visual tour of the Universe. Children will be mesmerised by how past, present, and future space exploration has helped our understanding of the Sun, our Solar System, rocky planets, gas giants, and explosive stars.

This beautifully illustrated guide for kids aged 9+ gives an insight into far-off galaxies and out-of-this-world objects captured by powerful space telescopes. Striking photographs and detailed illustrations help you learn the secrets of pulsars and black holes, and how they are created by dead stars.

Throughout the pages of this newly-revised book on fossils, you can expect to find:

- A fresh new look; new photographs, updated information, and a new "eyewitness" feature.
- Amazing facts, updated diagrams, statistics, and timelines.
- Brand new eyewitness accounts from experts in the field.

Eyewitness Universe introduces the ultimate guide to incredible celestial bodies and our Solar System. Children can find out how the Universe started with a Big Bang and what scientists think will eventually happen to it. This all-encompassing guide to the Universe is a must-have for curious children aged 9+ with a thirst for learning, as well as teachers, parents and librarians.

So, what's new?

Part of DK's best-selling Eyewitness series, this popular title has been reinvigorated for the next generation of information-seekers and stay-at-home explorers, with a fresh new look, up to 20 percent new images, including photography and updated diagrams, updated information, and a new "eyewitness" feature with fascinating first-hand accounts from experts in the field.

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