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Published by DK

By Miranda Bruce-Mitford

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About Signs & Symbols

Discover the fascinating origins and meanings of over 2,000 signs and symbols from mythology and religion to astrology and ancient tribes in this comprehensive guide.

For centuries, symbols have been imperative throughout the world, signifying ideas, relationships, and objects across different cultures. Find out why a flag at half mast is a symbol of mourning, why toads have got a bad name while frogs turn into princes, and why a heart pierced by an arrow is a classic symbol of love.

Delve into the meaning of each symbol and investigate how they have been interpreted in myth, religion, folklore, and art over time, with authoritative text from experts in the field and striking line drawings and photography that emphasize the visual strength and beauty of signs. Divided into six thematic sections - the cosmos, the natural world, human life, myths and religions, society and culture, and symbol systems - this guide to the secret language of signs and symbols is a must-have for those who want to understand the world around them.