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Published by DK

By Giles Chapman

Foreword by Jodie Kidd

Consultant editor Lawrence Ulrich, Giles Chapman

RRP: £25.00

"The pictures, as you would expect from a DK vintage, are as sleek as the motors."

RTE Guide

"The 100 year-plus history of motoring is not the easiest of stories to tell but Drive: The Definitive History Of Motoring, does a good job. Varying from the first motorised carriages - and the fact that most horses on the roads used to produce around 24lb of manure a day - to the latest driverless technology, this book offers bite-sized histories of cars on our roads."

Daily Express

"One of the best car books to hit our desk this year."

Daily Record

"You are guaranteed one thing with Dorling Kindersley and that is quality. I grew up with these glorious and lavishly illustrated books and Drive is thankfully one of the best I've seen for a while. This will satisfy petrolheads of all ages, because every aspect of the motoring industry is covered with colourful imagery and insightful facts"

Christian Whitehead, Foyles

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