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Published by DK

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About New Guide to Medicine and Drugs

Your updated jargon-free medication reference book! An invaluable guide to your knowledge of prescribed and over-the-counter medication in the UK.

Healthcare workers, including nurses and paramedics, and laypeople will find this reference guide informative, clear, and lifesaving. Filled with a wealth of pharmaceutical knowledge, you can explore over-the-counter, prescribed, and illicit medicines and drugs.

The New Guide to Medicines and Drugs (11th edition) expands on popular pharmaceuticals and those lesser-known. Inside the pages of this medication reference manual, you'll discover:

- Fully illustrated chapters explain how 80 principal classes of drug are used and how they work in the body
- Information on 285 generic drugs detailing their adverse effects, interactions, special precautions, and effects of prolonged use
- A Drug Finder index including more than 3,000 drugs (including generic names and brand names) available on prescription or over-the-counter
- Updated information in this new edition was reviewed by experts and updated to reflect currently available drugs, their uses, potential side effects, and precautions
- The latest information on vaccination, vitamins, and minerals, and drugs of abuse
- Nine new generic drug profiles, including cannabidiol - the new cannabis-derived drug for multiple sclerosis and epilepsy

Have you ever wondered about the medication that you are taking or if it's right for you? Or if you should try the latest on the market? This reference guide explores how medicines work, what they treat, and developments in medication. Once you've worked through these pages, you'll have a complete understanding of major drug groups; their benefits, and their side effects.

With accessible text and an easy-to-navigate format, explore dosage, possible interactions with other medicines, and allergies to certain medicine types. It also provides expert tips and advice on what to do if you miss a dose or ingest too much - plus how medicines target specific ailments and areas in the body.

Although this reference is invaluable to healthcare professionals, its concise and jargon-free text will benefit anybody taking medication or wanting to know more about the drugs used in common medical practice.