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Published by DK Children

By Carol Vorderman

RRP: £12.99

"I've been massively impressed with this book. Most of the DK books are great for delivering facts and information. How to be an Engineer delivers that, but also, fittingly for a book on such a practical subject, it adds a great hands-on experience too. All in all, if you have a wannabe engineer in your house, you should definitely check this one out."


"<b id=docs-internal-guid-7ffa9a25-1e01-daab-4bd9-b90903dc722d style="font-weight: normal">A superb book, packed with information</b>"

Parents in Touch

"What a cracker of a book this is!... Practical stuff mixed with history - enough to get any budding engineer excited!"


"This book is absolutely amazing for any budding engineer or scientist"


"A totally cracking book for the budding engineer! Highly recommended"


"A fantastic book for parents of younger children to read and do together, but it would also be ideal for older children to read and try independently. I think this book will provide months of educational fun"


"The illustrations and photography are bright, colourful and appealing. We are planning on working our way through all the activities"


"A brilliant book for budding engineers who want to understand how everything works... with easy to follow text in bite sized pieces great for kids to pick up and read themselves... Would highly recommend"


"We are planning to do lots of experiments during the summer holidays which I can't wait for, no being bored for me now with this book"


"This book is even better than I already imagined it would be: fantastic for kids that love constructing things!"


"It has been an inspiration to my daughter who would like to be an engineer one day, especially being written by a female in what is a very male-dominated profession. We recommend!"


About How to Be an Engineer

Shortlisted for the Primary Teacher Update Award 2018

Learn as you do in this hands-on engineering book for kids with Carol Vorderman.

Being an engineer isn't just about wearing a hard hat and looking important while holding a clipboard! It's about looking at the world and trying to figure out how it works. As well as simple engineering projects for kids to try, DK's How to be an Engineer will teach them how to think like an engineer, including materials, building, machines, getting around, and energy. You can find out how engineers use STEAM subjects and their imaginations to fix problems, and take inspiration from engineering heroes such as Leonardo da Vinci, Mae Jemison, and Elon Musk.

This book encourages you to investigate, with amazing projects using things from around your home: find out about materials by crushing loo rolls, learn about jet propulsion with balloons, and build a robot arm from rulers. Fun questions, engineering experiments, and real-life scenarios come together to make engineering relevant. In How to be a Engineer the emphasis is on inspiring kids, which means less time at a computer and more time in the real world!

Do you like solving problems? Are you good at making things? Have you ever dreamed of being an inventor? If so you may be an engineer in the making.