The Story Of Civil Rights

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Published by DK Children

By Wil Mara

RRP: £4.99

About The Story Of Civil Rights

Read the stories of the amazing men and women who fought for equality during the US Civil Rights Movement, including Martin Luther King Jr. and the March on Washington, and Rosa Parks and the famous Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Learn all about civil rights-what they are, and why they're important. This book covers the history of civil rights in the US, including slavery and the abolition of slavery, and segregation. It discusses the momentous US Civil Rights Movement, from sit-ins and protests, to marches and inspirational speeches, to legislation for equality. There's also information about modern-day issues, and how children can use their voices to become activists in their own communities.

Perfect for 7-9 year olds starting to read alone, Level 3 Readers include in-depth information presented through more complex sentence structure with increasing amount of text to expand the reader's general knowledge and confidence in reading. Additional information spreads are full of extra facts, developing the topics through a range of nonfiction presentation styles, such as quotes, lists, and statistics.