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Published by DK Children

By Elizabeth Dowsett, Simon Hugo, Hannah Dolan

RRP: £17.99

"A must have book for any LEGO and <i>Star Wars</i> fan!!!"


"I am so excited to try some of the new ideas with the LEGO that I have. A brilliant book with lots of ideas"


"If you have a little one who is LEGO and <i>Star Wars</i> obsessed then this book is for you"


"This book is awesome! The whole family enjoyed looking at all the amazing things you can create with your LEGO Bricks and LEGO <i>Star Wars</i> sets... We love this book and highly recommend it"


"I think this book is brilliant... It's so easy to follow the steps! It's fantastic it's the best Lego book ever"


About LEGO Star Wars Ideas Book

Find a galaxy full of LEGO® Star Wars™ ideas to build - from activities and art, games and challenges, to practical makes and your very own inventions!

LEGO® Star WarsIdeas Book features imaginative play and building ideas using your own LEGO brick collection. There are LEGO projects that take just a few minutes, to builds to keep you occupied for hours.

Set up a game of LEGO Star Wars skittles, create a pencil pot shaped like your favourite Sith or Jedi, build a fleet of tiny TIEs, design Darth Vader's family tree, and customise a podracer. Challenge a friend to take on a rathtar, mix up your minifigures, stage your favourite movie battle scene with LEGO Star Wars bricks - and much, much more!

LEGO® Star WarsIdeas Book is packed with a family friendly range of activities to inspire every LEGO Star Wars fan. What will you build?

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