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Published by DK Children

RRP: £9.99

"My five-year-old has very much engaged with this book. It's been a constant bedtime companion for him. In addition to helping improve his vocabulary and his reading skills, it has also fired his imaginative play."


"It's a fun interactive book for LEGO fans"


"Children of any age will love this interactive book as it is great fun and also very educational. There are at least 20 labels on each page giving a fantastic amount of familiar and more specialist vocabulary to learn. We loved this book and raced through it as we couldn't wait to carry on to the next page and read more"


"it was the best present I've being given this year"


"An absolute winner, so much to look at I would highly recommend this book for children learning to read and also those who just like looking at the pictures"


"It's a clever way of introducing a variety of words... it's a book that can be covered in small doses or read in its entirety"


"It's big and bold and busy and a big hit in our house"


About LEGO CITY Busy Word Book

More than 500 words about vehicles, buildings, jobs and people label colourful LEGO® scenes and minifigures to help kids learn the building blocks of language.

LEGO City© is the perfect place for early readers to encounter lots of exciting words for the first time. There's always something happening, whether it's police officers catching crooks, firefighters training at the fire station or hotdog sellers cooking up tasty snacks! Interactive activities such as spotting recurring characters and finding hidden objects keep children engaged and encourage repeat reading. Returning time and again to each page, children learn useful and fun words that they can use in daily life.

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