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Published by DK

Foreword by Simon Reeve

RRP: £25.00

"This is a sumptuously illustrated history of travel from the time when our ancestors came out of Africa to the current frontier of exploration: space. It is dense enough in detail to give intellectual satisfaction and brisk enough in arrangement to encourage dipping in."

Sunday Express

"A beautifully produced introduction, embracing everything from the trading voyages of the Minoans to the Hippie Trail, with digressions on topics from slave ships to souvenirs."

Daily Telegraph

"A wonderfully-written, user friendly guide to convey the excitement of travel through the ages."

"Why do we roam? How - and where - did we first holiday? What motivates great explorers, from Columbus and Hiram Bingham to Roy 'Indiana Jones' Chapman Andrews? These and even more ambitious questions are addressed in this lively, visual account of travel and discovery, charting how our worldwide wanderings have changed over the centuries... packed with the kind of glorious photographs, illustrations and historic maps you'd expect from DK."

National Geographic Traveller

"If you have a passion for travel and history then you will love this book. Superlative adjectives jump to mind as soon as you see it, but fail to do it justice. Deliciously heavy, it is a sumptuous read and lavishly illustrated: this is Dorling Kindersley at its absolute best... With themes of migrations, exploration, scientific discovery and development of transport, this fabulous book follows how travel has changed over the years and celebrates humanity's endeavours."

Timeless Travels

"The wanderlust of humanity is captured in these pages and images."

RTÉ Guide

"Charting historical journeys, from ancient chariot rides to interplanetary missions, this is a visual voyage through millennia of travel... a great overview of human wanderlust."

History Revealed

About Journey

Follow the voyages of the Vikings, pursue plundering pirates, trace the Hippie Trail or set off on a flight to the Moon. A thrilling expedition awaits you on every page.

Journeys have arisen from all manner of impulse, from migration and the search for food, to pilgrimages, trade, scientific curiosity, or simply the quest for adventure. This book is a lavishly illustrated account of human travel, complete with a foreword by world traveller and writer Simon Reeve.

Packed with stories of human movement and endeavour, Journey lets you experience the excitement and romance of travel, covering everything from quests across the Silk Road and the adventures of Marco Polo to explorations in space and underwater. Discover ancient maps, biographies of conquerors, explorers and travellers, stories of scientific discovery and technological innovation, stunning works of art, and catalogues of travel-related memorabilia.

This truly worldwide account is a glorious celebration of human journeys, and will make an impressive gift for any lover of travel and history.