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Published by DK Children

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About My First Colours & Shapes

Make learning first colours, shapes, and words fun for babies with 16 colourful flashcards to develop early language skills.

With a vibrant image on every flashcard, these sturdy picture cards are perfect for preschool play. My First Colours and Shapes have talking points on the back of each card to reinforce learning, helping to familiarise children with a variety of objects, like the blue fish, the triangle-shaped hat, and the diamond kite.

There is an additional card of parent guidance with tips for creative learning games for you and your little one to share.

Full set: diamond kite, green leaf, heart purse, circle ball, square present, triangle hat, rectangle door, pink shoes, red tomato, orange orange, yellow duckling, brown cake, black and white dog, grey pebbles, blue fish, and purple dress.