What's Wrong With Me?

What's Wrong With Me?

Published by DK

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Book description

An invaluable health and symptoms reference guide for anyone looking to identify a medical problem quickly.

This simple, visual symptom checker helps you check out any health problem and directs you to what it might be and what you should do. Whether it's a symptom you have been ignoring for a while or something like a sudden pain after a fall, BMA What's Wrong With Me? tells you what it could be and what action to take. A series of head-to-toe visual diagnostic guides help you identify suspected conditions or injuries and once you've narrowed it down, a cross-reference takes you to easy-to-follow descriptions of the condition at the back. Potentially life-threatening situations and ailments that need urgent medical advice are clearly flagged.

BMA What's Wrong With Me? is the perfect resource for identifying what might wrong and what you should do next.