Buy, Keep, or Sell?

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Published by DK

By Judith Miller

RRP: £17.99

About Buy, Keep, or Sell?

Written by antiques expert Judith Miller, this is the only indispensable guide to modern collectables. If you're aiming to make money from your attic, have been in the antiques game for years, or are a new collector looking for your first profit, this guide teaches you how to squeeze out those hidden gems with confidence and ensure you never lose money to a 'fake' again.

With over 50 years of experience, Judith Miller offers specialist advice on key antique manufacturers and designers, including a comprehensive directory of specialists, dealers, markets and collectors clubs to help you become an antiques expert.

This invaluable antiques guide includes over 1,500 incredible colour photographs to help you identify a diamond in the rough. Providing fascinating cultural and historical context for featured collectables, Buy, Keep, or Sell? is the ultimate guide to sorting the treasure from the trash.

Previous edition ISBN 9781405305952