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Published by DK Children

RRP: £14.99

"Filled with pop-ups, flaps and pull-tabs, Utterly Amazing Earth is the perfect book for young minds interested in planet Earth. <i></i>"

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"Pop-ups, flaps, wheels and pull-tabs explain everything kids might want to know about the Earth, the rock cycle, earthquakes, the water cycle, seasons and weather; have-a-go activities include building a sundial and a mini volcano."

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About Utterly Amazing Earth

Utterly Amazing Earth is a jaw-dropping pop-up book packed with fascinating facts about our amazing planet.

Go deep below the Earth's crust to discover earthshattering facts. From volcanoes to earthquakes, the water cycle to seasons, this beautiful pop-up book brings to life amazing phenomena with brilliant paper tricks. Learn how rocks are made and shaped, and what causes the seasons.

With pop-ups, activities to try at home and bitesized mind-blowing facts Utterly Amazing Earth is perfect for any child, aged over 6, obsessed with volcanoes, earthquakes and the Earth.