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Published by DK Children

RRP: £5.99

About DKfindout! Pirates

Ignite curiosity in your children, and take kids back in time to discover the truth behind the myth!

Discover what pirates ate, what life was like on-board a pirate ship, and whether the really did bury treasure. Covering everything from Viking Pirates to Blackbeard, DKfindout! Pirates will satisfy any child who is eager to learn more about the history of pirates!

Inside the pages of this factual pirate book for kids you'll discover:

- A common myth-buster section, separating the facts from the fiction that you can trust!
- Famous pirate locations, towns, and details on the ships, crew and their weapons
- Non-fictional information written by experts and inspiring curriculum-based content that can be trusted by parents and teachers
- Age appropriate text and imagery in an easy-to-follow format

See pirates come to life through dynamic and interactive activities and content that includes quizzes, annotations, and stunning photography and illustrations. Supporting the national curriculum, DKfindout! is perfect for children aged 7-9 and is packed with fun facts for kids.

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