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Published by DK

Contributions by Richard Holmes

RRP: £25.00

About Weapon

A spectacularly illustrated journey through 4,000 years of the weapon

Weapon: A Visual History of Arms and Armour is a comprehensive visual guide charting the history of arms and armour worldwide. Follow the evolution of weaponry around the world from Assyrian spears to the AK-47 and discover the brutal history of those who wielded them.

Complete with dozens of vivid photographs of the treasures of the Royal Armouries Museum, this guide details the date, weight, size, and country of origin of every type of weapon imaginable. Weapon showcases the function and history of arms from across the world, taking you on a journey to discover a wealth of weaponry from crossbows to samurai swords.

Delve into the brutal side of history and travel through 4,000 years of mighty weaponry.