Monsters in the Movies Bookazine

Monsters in the Movies Bookazine

Published by DK

By John Landis

RRP: £7.99

Book description

DK's Monsters in the Movies bookazine is a thrilling companion to the terrifying world of cinematic nightmares.

Explore a timeless world of fears and nightmares as master of the horror movie, John Landis, investigates what makes a legendary movie monster. Feast your eyes upon a petrifying parade of voracious vampires, flesh-eating zombies, slavering werewolves, monstrous machines and much, much more! Including John Landis's own interviews with leading film-makers and actors, including Sir Christopher Lee, John Dante and Ray Harryhausen.

A bookazine combines the very best bits of books and magazines; it has the look and feel of a magazine but is something you'll want to pick up again and again, just like a book.