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Published by DK Children

RRP: £12.99

"A great learning support and fantastic family reference compendium."

Angels & Urchins

"It goes without saying that if there's one publisher you turn to if you want absolutely fact-filled brilliant non-fiction books, it's Dorling Kindersley... It's an absolutely fascinating read and a valuable reference for school. Above all though, it just shows that DK are still at the top of their game.<i></i>"

Read it Daddy

"With so much information to digest and facts to learn about the world around us this is the perfect reference book for home or school and it certain to create some budding geographers!"


About What's Where on Earth? Atlas

From earthquakes to satellites, mummies to river monsters, tour the world with this fully updated, action-packed atlas.

This ultimate children’s atlas brings Earth to life through more than 60 striking, specially commissioned 3D maps that will take you on a fact-filled tour of the world. This awesome educational book for kids allows you to go back in time to see how the continents have evolved, marvel at incredible geographical features, and travel the world's cities and landmarks.

Children aged 9+ can explore a whole range of topics, from climate change, pandemics, and endangered animals, to the internet, tourism, and world populations. On this adventure you'll climb the tallest buildings, swim the longest rivers, and travel back in time to see ancient wonders in all their glory. You'll come face to face with the deadliest creatures, and dive down to underwater shipwrecks.

This earth atlas for children offers:

- More than 60 specially commissioned 3D maps that delve into a range of topics, from the animal kingdom to shipwrecks.
- An instant understanding of both the subject and its spatial distribution through each map.
- A fully updated edition with new content on topics including pandemics, climate change, the internet, world populations, poverty, television, and statues.

This impressive visual guide is so much more than just a world map book filled with facts about the world, it’s also a vital source of learning, ideal for fact-hungry children to dip into for school projects, and a fantastic addition to any family library. This fully revised edition of What’s Where on Earth? is up to date to reflect the world we live in today, putting the latest geographical features, wildlife, cities and landmarks, and historical artefacts on the map.