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Published by DK

By Chris Mattison

RRP: £14.99

About Snake

Find out about snakes from all over the world in this best-selling visual guide, with information about snake evolution, habitats, reproductive behaviour, feeding, defence, and much more.

Snake is the essential guide to the world of serpents, featuring more than 3,000 species. With a clean fresh look, classifications, stunning photography, and amazing artworks, this is a must-have reference for all herpetologists.

Packed with fascinating facts such as physical and behavioural characteristics, this guide also includes focused profiles of 60 snakes, from the Rainbow Boa to the Tropical Rattlesnake. Each profile includes a stunning full-page photograph of the snake, supporting images to highlight important features, and a 'Fact File' sidebar to give at-a-glance information. Plus, a complete directory lists all known species of these fascinating reptiles, including venomous snakes such as cobras.

Snake is a beautiful and comprehensive guide to some of nature's most compelling animals.