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Published by DK

By Lucinda Ganderton

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About Embroidery Stitches Step-by-Step

From blanket stitch and satin stitch to French knots and openwork, discover how to create beautiful embroidery with this complete illustrated guide to stitching. Find advice on which threads, needles, and fabrics will work best with which stitches and take a look at more than 200 decorative and practical hand embroidery stitches with ideas on how and where to use them.

Lucinda Ganderton provides easy-to-follow instructions and invaluable advice, encouraging you to explore and experiment with the endless possibilities of line and border stitches, filling stitches, openwork stitches, and needlepoint. Step-by-step instructions and detailed working photographs will help you understand exactly how to embroider any pattern and what the finished results should look like, as well as more practical and in-depth advice on mounting, tools, and materials. Embroidery Stitches Step by Step is invaluable for beginners, and full of ideas to inspire the accomplished stitcher.