World Day of Social Justice

Delve into DK’s diverse selection of inspiring kids’ titles

The 20th February marks World Day of Social Justice.

It is an international day set out to commemorate and recognise the need to fight for social justice, to combat issues such as social exclusion, gender inequality, unemployment and poverty. It highlights the importance of respect for all human rights and fundamental freedoms.

To highlight DK’s commitment to these core values of World Day of Social Justice, we have handpicked some of our titles for young readers to learn and engage with topics that are hugely relevant to supporting social development and social justice.

ABC Pride

A dynamic and inclusive first ABC book introducing young readers aged 3+ to Pride.

ABC Pride offers a simple yet powerful way to explain gender, identity, and ability to young children, while introducing and supporting diverse family units.


How To Make A Better World

An empowering and fun approach to how we can make the world a better place. This is an introductory guide for kids who want to make a big difference.

How To Make A Better World includes a wide range of tips and ideas on how little actions can have a big impact.


A Kids Book About… series

This series sets out to tackle topics such as racism, disability, equality and so much more.

The books initiate these vital conversations in a friendly, approachable and child-appropriate way, opening up opportunities for family learning and discussion.


DK Life Stories: Martin Luther King Jr

Developed in consultation with literacy and subject experts, this biography series goes beyond the basic facts to tell the true life stories of history's most inspiring people.

In this biography for kids ages 8-11, the life of Martin Luther King is explored from his early childhood experiences, to his untimely death and worldwide mourning that followed.


How To Be A Global Citizen

This illustrated guide pinpoints key challenges the world is facing and what we can do to help overcome them.

How To Be A Global Citizen will both educate and challenge young readers to think critically about the world around them and how they can incite change.


The Most Important Comic Book on Earth

A global collaboration bringing together the thoughts and experiences of a team of 300 diverse voices to present stories to help save the world.

Environmentalists, artists, actors, filmmakers and more have created a selection of visually stunning, thought-provoking comics that support the combat of climate change and Rewrite Extinction.


Good News, Planet Earth

A hugely positive take on a subject that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Join sustainability enthusiast and climate activist Sam Bentley as he shares the hopeful developments combating climate change!



From raw stories of racism and invisible disability to powerful moments of passing the mic, these authors share their truths.

They invite you to think about your own experiences and choices and how to be a better ally. This book is truly for everyone, because we can all be allies.