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The best – and most enjoyable way to find out about whiskies is by drinking them. This truly hands-on handbook takes you on a tasting journey to discover your own personal whisky style, and helps you to expand your horizons so you can find a world of new whiskies to enjoy. 

Through a series of guided at-home tastings, you’ll get familiar with the full spectrum of whisky aromas and flavours on offer – from the smoky tang of Islay peat to the aromatic scent of Japanese oak.


Written by the founder of The Whisky Lounge, the biggest provider of whisky events in the UK, Eddie Ludlow takes you on a tasting tour of the world's finest makers, including iconic Scottish distilleries and the small-scale artisan producers springing up all over the globe.

  • Whisky A Tasting Course features self-guided tasting sessions to help readers to expand their whisky know-how and identify the aromas and flavours they enjoy most.

  • The book explores the wide range of whiskies currently available, from iconic single malts to the unusual grains and blends used
    by artisan producers.


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