Mindfulness resources for kids

Help kids to stay curious and practice mindfulness with our fantastic range of downloadable resources. These digital activity packs help to take children beyond the book, engaging with their imagination and creativity as they learn how to name their emotions, how to manage them and practice mindfulness.

1. First emotions PDF activity pack

Ages: 3- 5 

Use this colorful and informative PDF resource to help children understand and name their emotions.
Download and print First Emotions PDF activity pack

Have a look at other books in the First Emotions range of titles ...

First Emotions: I Feel Happy puts words to the feelings that small children might have experienced but might not have the names for just yet. This book will help your pre-schooler tell you how they are feeling and teach them what happiness looks like in other people.

First Emotions: I Feel Sad is an adorable and educational book that teaches your little ones how to recognise this strong emotion, explains why children might get sad and includes ways to cheer up again.

First Emotions: I Feel Proud explains what kind of things make you feel proud and encourages kids to enjoy their achievements and how not to bring down other people's confidence, by making their accomplishments seem small.

First Emotions: I Feel Angry teaches your little ones how to recognise this strong emotion and name their feelings. This brightly illustrated board book is a gentle and simple introduction to strong emotions.

In First Emotions: How Am I Feeling the characters Happiness, Anger, Sadness, and Pride teach your little ones how to recognise emotions and name their feelings. This charming book explains how emotions can make us act in different ways, like stamping our feet when we are angry, or jumping up and down when we are happy.

2. See how you can practice wellness with the Wellbeing PDF download

Ages: 7 - 9 

This 5 page PDF resource provides learners with a way to visualise their emotions, characterise what happiness means to them and how to practice mindfulness.

Download My Mixed Emotions Wellbeing PDF

More about the book My Mixed Emotions

The Wellbeing at Home: Emotions PDF was created from the content within the My Mixed Emotions book, an imaginative and unique title that explores the four big emotions, the reasons why you feel them, and the science behind each one.

3. Help children learn about emotions in fun and educational ways

Ages: 7 - 9 

Use the DK Wellbeing curriculumn resource pack to help children learn about identifying emotions and strategies for dealing with them, as in fun and educational ways.

Download and use the wellbeing curriculum resource PDF

4. Discover how to practice positive thinking and staying calm

Ages: 7 - 9 

Use this downloadable PDF resource to teach kids how to channel their emotions, remain calm and positive.

Download and use the Wellbeing positive thinking resource PDF

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