Lando Calrissian: 7 Things You Need to Know from Solo: A Star Wars™ Story

Essential facts on a smooth smuggler.

A schemer, a storyteller, a con artist and more – in Solo: A Star Wars™ Story, Donald Glover brings to life the stylish (and slippery) Lando Calrissian. We’ve rounded up 7 fantastic facts on this smooth-talking smuggler from Solo: A Star Wars™ Story The Official Guide. Are you ready?  

Key stats:

Homeworld: Socorro
Species: Human
Affiliation: Independent
Height: 1.74m (5ft 8.5 in)

Walk-in wardrobe

A self-confessed clothes-lover, Lando stays on-trend by buying a variety of dashing outfits while on his far-ranging expeditions. He stores his finery aboard the Millennium Falcon, in a walk-in closet located just off his personal quarters. Capes are his signature piece, as he considers them the final wrapping on a priceless gift to the galaxy – himself.

Home in space

Calrissian’s discerning taste graces the interior of the Falcon, too. The forward compartment – which houses a lounge for the ship’s crew – includes a drinks bar, holotable, and sound system.

Calrissian Chronicles

When we meet this cool customer in Solo: A Star Wars Story, Lando is enjoying some downtime after a hair-raising smuggling run from Felucia, which helped him pay off his debts. He is using the time to record the Calrissian Chronicles, a self-narrated account of his colourful escapades. So far, he’s recounted (and exaggerated) his adventures in the Rafa system and a caper involving the Mindharp of Sharu. Calrissian estimates that he’s got at least a trilogy in him, but he’ll see how this first one sells.

Sleek weapon

Lando can ably defend himself with a blaster, but he prefers finding non-violent solutions. If he must draw a weapon, it is always a stylish one. His BlasTech SE-14r is plated in brushed chromium, with a Tibrin mother-of-pearl handle.

Raising the stakes

Lando is a skilled player of sabacc, perhaps the oldest and most popular card game in the galaxy. He’s studied more than 80 variant forms of the game, and knows how to cheat in all of them.

A clever co-pilot

Calrissian’s co-pilot on the Millennium Falcon, L3-37 is a “self-made” droid cobbled together from both astromech and protocol droid parts. She’s able to directly interface with the ship’s state-of-the-art navicomputer, allowing it to reach unparalleled supralight speeds. Calrissian is usually the one who takes point to make fast-reflex maneuvers at sublight, but he couldn’t do so without such a capable co-pilot by his side.

Classy customisation

When Lando first set eyes upon a certain working-class light freighter, he saw beyond its crude exterior to the soaring potential waiting to be unleashed. Over two years, he converted the Millennium Falcon into his own speedy sports vessel. Lando modified the two cargo mandibles at the front into an auxiliary ship launch, turning the plain freighter into a unique starship.

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