Knitting Pattern Corrections

Despite multiple checks, errors sometimes occur in the patterns in our books. We correct these errors for reprints as soon as we become aware of them, however some early printings of the books below may contain errors. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Click on the links below to find and print the page you need. 

The Knitting Book

Page 276: Striped hat
Page 278: Cabled scarf
Page 280: Cabled hat
Page 284: Jellyfish hat
Page 288: Lace shawl
Page 290: Peekaboo lace scarf
Page 302: Cabled armwarmers
Page 306: Ankle socks
Page 310: Queen of Hearts socks
Page 318: Baby's cardigan
Page 342: Strawberry cushion
Page 356: Knit and purl stitch patterns
Page 362-7: Cable and twist stitch patterns
Page 368-73: Lace stitch patterns
Page 376-78: Colourwork patterns
Page 380-1: Edging patterns
Page 384: Medallions
Page 387-9: Beading stitch patterns

Big Book of Knitting

Page 15: Bell-edge cardigan
Page 38: New baby's jacket
Page 75: Shawl collar aran
Page 89: Button neck jumper
Page 192: Chequered cot blanket
Page 313: Victory lace stitch

Baby and Toddler Knits Made Easy

Page 16: Ballet wrap cardigan
Page 27: Newborn cardigan
Page 40: Tunic dress
Page 45: Classic boy's cardigan
Page 51: Button-neck jumper
Page 131: Ice cream sundae blanket
Page 150: Baby's cardigan

A Little Course in Knitting

Page 151: Baby's cardigan
Page 181: Peekaboo lace scarf

One Ball of Wool

Page 31: Weekend woollies

Winter Knits Made Easy

Page 16: Baby fairisle cardigan