20 fun travel trivia questions for kids

We've all been missing getting out and seeing the world in recent months. And for kids, travel is an important way to learn about new places, cultures and the planet. While we're still grounded, here are 20 travel questions to test your kids and spark inspiration for future adventures. Best of luck!

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Our memorable trips

Now isn’t the time for going places. However, as we spend the coming weeks mostly indoors, we can still dream about travel, plan future adventures and revisit ones we’ve taken before. This is exactly what we’ve asked our team to do – to dream and reflect. Here are 12 memorable trips taken by the DK Eyewitness team, featuring eclipses, safaris, cycling treks, pilgrimages, bunnies, toboggans and ancient ruins.

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How to be an armchair traveller

Just because you can’t escape to a new adventure right now doesn’t mean you should stop dreaming. There are ways to remain inspired, whether you’re surfing the internet on your phone, lounging at home, or sipping coffee at your local cafe. Being an armchair traveller is all about learning about and reflecting, and ultimately engaging with far-flung places without ever needing to leave home.

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