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Baby’s First Easter


Baby Touch and Feel Bunny


Cheep! Cheep! Chick


Pop-Up Peekaboo! Farm


The Sleepy Bunny


Agnes and the Hen


Paint a fluffy spring chick with Pippa Pixley

Artist Pippa Pixley shows children how to paint a fluffy spring chick using materials found in nature.
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How we made it: The Egg Book

In 1994, an exciting idea began to hatch. What emerged was a captivating children's book about baby animals hatching from their eggs – from a tiny, delicate butterfly egg to the world's largest ostrich egg.

Now, nearly 30 years later, that same book is back and newly reimagined for a new generation of readers.

We asked DK's former and current Children's Publishers, Mary Ling and Francesca Young, to share more about the fantastic heritage story behind how we made The Egg Book. Read all about it here.

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Are you an eggspert on eggs?

Could you tell the difference between a chicken egg and a duck egg? Know what an emu egg looks like? What about a leopard tortoise egg? Take a crack at our quiz to guess who's egg belongs to who!
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