Books for a sustainable future

An Earth Day special

In honour of Earth Day 2023, we're sharing our climate change reading list for activists of all ages. With this year's theme being 'Invest in Our Planet', below are all the books you need to begin your environmental awareness journey.

A funky pocket guide of everyday tips & tricks for sustainable living. With beautiful and eye catching design throughout, this book is a gift for yourself or your soon-to-be savvy friends.
Written by one of Forbes most influential women of 2020, Mikaela Loach's book explores her invaluable perspective on climate change as a young, Black woman as well as her feelings of isolation in the predominantly white, middle class world of environmetal activism.
The most accessible, jargon-free guide to climate change, this book includes comprehensive diagrams and statistics to cover all bases. This book is the perfect place to start. 
Could your backyard benefit the future of our climate? Tom Massey thinks so. The award winning garden designer is here to give you tips on everything from climbers to compost. 
A guide to climate change for geography buffs. This book allows you to  distinguish emergency levels country-by-country and truly understand the human affects on global warming. 


Inspire kids aged 7-9 with this book packed with practical tips, facts and interviews with leading voices in the conservation. Written by winners of the Green Champion Award at the Pride of Britain Awards 2021, Amy and Ella Meek are on a mission to inspire the next generation of budding eco-warriors. Complete the series with 'Be Plastic Clever'.
From our award-winning DKfindout! series, this book gives a textbook explanation to kids on why climate change is such a big deal and how to prevent further damage. 
No B.S. Just stand-out, instantly accessible facts and diagrams, perfect for students or lovers of global economics and geography.
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