A Kids Book About

Books made to empower a new generation of kids through diverse storytelling

What makes this series so special?

  • IMPORTANT TOPICS: From belonging to body image, feminism to failure, this growing and wide-ranging collection of parent-approved, kid-tested books explore relevant topics that are crucial to our current times, made simple and approachable for kids aged 5-9.

  • DIVERSE VOICES: Written by an incredible and diverse group of authors who are leading experts in their field or have first-hand experience of the topic, from mental health pioneers and leading sports champions, to motivational speakers and expert educators.

  • CONVERSATION STARTERS: Spotlighting stylish, text-driven designs, friendly language and "outros for grownups", these books were created to kickstart challenging, empowering and important conversations between kids and their grownups.

  • DIVE DEEPER: There’s so much more to discover at akidsco.com, including interviews with the authors, digital resources for parents and guardians, podcasts and more!

A Kids Book About Anxiety

Having anxiety doesn't just mean you feel nervous sometimes or need to calm down. It means having an uncontrollable feeling that gets in the way of what you normally do, or something new that you'd like to do. Covering themes of anxiety, fear, loneliness and crying, this book explores how anxiety impacts children and the steps they can take to begin to manage it.

A Kids Book About Disability

Sometimes people act like having a disability means you're from another planet, even though over a billion people in the world have disabilities. So how do you talk about disability? How do you talk to people with disabilities? This book helps kids and grownups approach disability as a normal part of the human experience.

A Kids Book About Imagination

What is imagination? Most of us think of it as playing pretend or what happens when we're dreaming, but imagination takes us to worlds and galaxies beyond that. Imagination helps us travel between time, space, and reality. It gives us the power to dream up the world in our own vision and encourages us to think of not just what is, but what could be. Imagination is a superpower that unlocks endless possibilities, and all by asking one simple question: what if?


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