5 Rugrats Adulting Tips We All Could Use Right Now

Because the struggle is real

Alarmed by the idea of adulting? Run down by responsibilities? Even when you’re technically a grown-up, it’s normal to feel like a dumb baby sometimes! Thankfully, Tommy, Chuckie and Angelica are here to help.

We’ve rounded up 5 fantastic adulting tips from our Nickelodeon Rugrats Guide to Adulting, so you can sort out that work/life balance, discover soothing self-care, and be #winning in no time.

Get enough sleep

It’s no secret that getting a full eight hours of sleep on the regular is key to staying healthy. When you’re feeling tired, it’s okay to crawl into bed, tuck yourself in tight and put your phone on silent. You’ll wake up with all the energy you need to scale a climbing frame – or face the morning commute.


Juice is delish and milk does the body good, but you know the importance of drinking water for your health. Nothing should be able to keep you apart from your reusable bottle of organic, maple, protein, or just plain old tap water.

Be honest

Real talk: Angelica might not be the nicest kid on the block, but at least she’s legit. If somebody calls you out for being a bougie baby or a salty toddler, own it. It’s better to be true to yourself than to pretend to be something you aren’t. That’s just fake news.


Does the Wi-Fi failing terrify you more than that time your mum forgot to pick you up from nursery school? Embrace chances to put down the phone, turn off the TV and recharge. Just be sure to search “how to live off the grid” before you banish your devices.

Be good to your fam

Your bro might spit up on you, your Dad is more interested in his inventions and Grandpa doesn’t understand a word you say. But these are your people. Nobody’s perfect, but blood is thicker than an avocado-kale smoothie, so tell them how much you appreciate them.

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