5 Reasons Why You Need Veg in One Bed on Your Bookshelf

Take a sneak peek inside this invaluable guide for your garden

Prepare to heap your plate with delicious home-grown vegetables! From YouTube gardening star Huw Richards, Veg in One Bed shows you how to grow your own vegetables easily and abundantly in one raised bed. Packed with month-by-month gardening knowledge, this inspiring and encouraging book makes vegetable gardening in a small space simple.

The top five best things about this book? Read on below to find out!

Everything’s explained in clear, photographed steps

Take the guesswork out of gardening methods! Every step is illustrated with clear images, from building your bed and growing from seed to planting, feeding and harvesting.


It will pack your plate with fresh veg throughout the year

From leeks to lettuce and broad beans to beetroot, you'll never need to shop for veg. From January to December, enjoy delicious meals bursting with home-grown greens.


It makes growing fun and simple for all gardeners

Whether you're a beginner gardener or a seasoned pro, Veg in One Bed is packed with practical tips, inventive ideas and inspiration for everyone.


It’s full of flexible tips and swap-in alternatives

Working from a windowsill? Don't fancy that food today? Veg in One Bed includes flexible advice so you can customise your planning for small spaces and personal taste.


It’s a gorgeous gift for any gardener (including yourself)

As inspiring as it is practical, Veg in One Bed is the perfect treat for gardeners of all ages and stages, and is sure to be returned to again and again.