I've already downloaded the app, but have recently moved to a new device and it's not showing up, how do I download it without paying again? 

Your account should have a 'downloaded purchases' tab where you can download apps that you have previously bought. These do not run out and you should be able to re-download at any time.  If this doesn't work, please contact the seller directly.

The GPS signal on my Eyewitness/Top 10 app isn't working.

Make sure that your mobile data and 'enable 3G' options are turned on under Settings > General > Mobile Data  If this doesn't work, and other apps using GPS are working in the same location, please contact us via our app support form

I am unhappy with my app and would like a refund, how do I go about getting one? 

Refunds for an app bought in the Appstore should be sought through iTunes. You apply for a refund by finding your purchase in the Account section.  Refunds for apps bought on Google Play have to be applied for through the developer. Please contact: dkdigitalpublishing@gmail.com

My app keeps crashing, what do I do? 

The first thing to do is check that there isn't an update of the app waiting to be downloaded in your App Store app. You should also check that you are running the latest version of the software available for your device. This can have an impact on the functionality of your apps. If both your app and your software are up to date, then try deleting the app and re-downloading from the 'purchased' tab in the App Store.  It is worth noting that some apps take up a lot of memory. It might also be useful to quit any running apps before trying to reload.

My purchase has been confirmed, but the app isn't downloading properly. 

If you are having trouble downloading an app after purchase, please contact the seller directly. Most stores have a FAQ or submission section for any issues.  Before you contact the seller you could also check whether the app you are downloading is compatible for your device (this information should be available in or around the app summary,) and that your device has enough memory space to hold the app.

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