Employees Speak

Mitravinda V K, Assistant Art Editor, Knowledge – I was struck by the team's professionalism and dedication as soon as I joined. The editorial and creative departments at DK are simply remarkable. Feedback from my seniors is constructive and inspiring, which encourages me to improve as a designer. Committed to excellence, DK has helped me polish my work and ensure that it is of the highest calibre.

The resources and assistance offered by DK are unparalleled and we use IT and software that keeps us on the cutting edge of market trends. Frequent workshops, conferences, and skill-building sessions are held to broaden our knowledge and maintain the freshness and innovation of our designs. It is immensely fulfilling to see customers happy and satisfied once our designs make the visions come to reality. I also appreciate how important diversity and inclusivity are at DK, whether it is in the way they run the company or the books we publish.

Last but not least, the DK team has a remarkable level of mutual trust. Everyone is always prepared to lend a helping hand or offer creative feedback, whether it be during spreads on-wall sessions or under deadlines. This culture of cooperation generates an encouraging and motivating workplace where concepts grow and designs are implemented.

Mitravinda joined DK in July 2022.

Bhaswati Rai Chaudhuri, Test Engineer – DK is my employer of choice as I find every member of the team, seniors, leads, and colleagues so very co-operative and approachable.

I find myself motivated to both learn and contribute in the best possible way when working with my team members. It is the management, seniors and all my team members and colleagues that make our working environment so supportive and provides the best learning platform to grow. DK is a professional yet friendly environment.

Bhaswati joined DK in February 2022.

Mansi Dwivedi, Assistant Art Editor, Children's – My seven months with DK has been a wonderful experience for me and my learning curve has expanded in the best possible ways.

From designing spreads to creating illustrations, DK's way of working has made me more confident in my skills and talent. The environment here is not only professional but also very friendly.

Mansi joined DK in November 2022.

Pankhoori Sinha, Desk Editor – What stands out for me is that DK fosters a positive and supportive work culture that values collaboration, inclusivity, and respect for all employees.

Every employee’s contribution is recognized and appreciated, and everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

DK’s focus is on producing high-quality content that engages readers of all ages is unmatched, and this is reflected in the meticulous attention to detail given to every book published. The company’s investment in technology and resources to remain at the forefront of the publishing industry is a testament to its commitment to innovation. This investment had enabled the company to stay up to date with industry trends and developments, while also improving efficiency and productivity.

DK’s commitment to work-life balance is another value that sets it apart and makes it possible for me to manage my personal commitments while pursuing my professional goals.

Pankhoori recently rejoined the DK editorial after a 15-year break from the publishing industry.

Ekta Chadha, Editor, Knowledge – In keeping up with the changing social dynamics of the world, DK goes a step ahead in making its books DE&I sensitive, which, in my opinion, is what sets DK apart from the rest in its league.

DK books were an integral part of my childhood. They are not just visually appealing, but being a part of its working fraternity now, I know that DK ensures the information provided is thoroughly researched and accurate.

DK’s approach towards its employees is based on respect and trust. The company encourages work-life balance and provides channels for mental health support as well. While keeping an eye on its business goals, the organization never forgets its employees and pays equal attention towards them and their needs. Apart from this, DK consciously works towards reducing its carbon footprint. These are some of the aspects that I admire about DK, and I am proud to be part of such a company.

Ekta joined DK in February 2022.

Aashirwad Jain, Freelance Editor with Knowledge – I think I have exhausted all the ways in which one can be associated with DK. This is my 6th year with the company – I have worked here as an intern, a regular employee, and now a freelancer.

And there has never been a moment when I felt not included in anyway. During this period, I have been a part of some amazing books with subjects ranging from world wars and migration to physics and football. This is a workplace with supportive managers who listen to you and kind colleagues who laugh at your jokes. As DK India completes 25 years, I wish the company many more years of excellence, creativity, and success.

Rachana Kishore, Senior Software Engineer – DK values its employees. I remember when I first joined in 2015, my “buddy” did not welcome me to the team or the company, she said “Welcome to the family!”.

The work culture, type of work and the friendly atmosphere are some of the key points that helped my decision to come back. DK provides a good working environment, has a good work-life balance, and is very professional in terms of work and its people. Team members are encouraged to take on responsibilities and have a sense of ownership to help them grow as both as individuals and well-rounded team members.

The books DK brings out are diverse in topics/ nature and we have something for everyone so that makes work engaging and keeps it from getting monotonous.

Rachana returned to DK after a 2 year break.

Nishwan Rasool, Project Picture Researcher – I would highly recommend DK to anyone looking for a workplace that values its people and encourages growth and development. I strongly believe that DK is exceptional employer it puts people first and I have experienced this first-hand. The warmth and support I received from my colleagues upon my return was overwhelming, and it reminded me of why I loved working here in the first place.

What sets DK apart is its focus on employee development and growth. The company's work culture is built around the idea of collaboration and teamwork, and everyone is encouraged to bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the table. This creates an environment where innovation and creativity can thrive, and where people feel valued and appreciated for their contributions.

As a visual researcher for DK's book projects, I have the opportunity to work on some truly exciting and flagship projects with some of the most talented and dedicated individuals in the publishing industry. The company's commitment to ongoing training has allowed me to expand my skill set and take on new challenges, and I am constantly inspired by the passion and enthusiasm of my colleagues.

In short, DK is an ideal workplace for anyone looking to build a fulfilling and rewarding career. The company's focus on employee development, the culture of collaboration, and its commitment to its employees makes it stand out in the industry.

Nishwan was with DK for 5 years till 2019 and he rejoined in June 2022.

Vikas Chauhan, Senior Art Editor in Knowledge – I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been part of this incredible journey with DK due to its commitment to fostering an open and inclusive culture.

At DK, every individual is encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas without hesitation creating an amazing environment where everyone's perspectives are valued, and meaningful discussions take place. DK truly values its employees and provides a space where creativity and innovation can flourish and it stands out as my employer of choice.

Throughout my tenure, I have had the privilege of working on diverse, challenging and rewarding projects, witnessing the evolution of our team, and contributing to the organization's success. I am deeply grateful to my mentors, whose guidance and support have been instrumental in my journey. Their wisdom and expertise have helped shape me into the professional I am today, and I owe a significant part of my success to their guidance.

The company's genuine concern for its employees' well-being, both personally and professionally, is truly commendable. From top-level management to colleagues, there is a culture of care and respect that fosters loyalty and motivates individuals to give their best. The opportunities for growth, the inspiring work environment, and the rewarding relationships built within the company are compelling reasons for me to continue my journey with DK.

DK can best be described as a unique blend of professionalism, a casual atmosphere, and a friendly work environment. It's a place where people genuinely care for each other, celebrate together, and work at a fast pace while maintaining a sense of camaraderie. The fast-paced nature of the work adds excitement and keeps things dynamic, allowing for continuous growth and learning. In this unique blend, employees celebrate their achievements together while maintaining the focus on delivering exceptional results.

Vikas Chauhan has been with DK for the past 10+ years.