Looking back at CWC 2015!

Looking back at CWC 2015!

Priyanka Thakur

Drama queen by birth, graphic designer by education, desktop traveller by profession. A self-appointed movie critic for anyone who will listen. I get emotional about cricket, so beware before bad-mouthing Dhoni to me!
April 8, 2015

Errrrr... so India's (and my) dream did end, as abruptly as dreams do!

So did Proteas's (as South Africa is known in the cricketing world) dream of shaking away the tag of "chokers" – they have a track record of losing every one of their World Cup knock-out stage matches..

The semi final encounter with New Zealand is how you would want every match to be. It wasTHE MOST FANTASTIC match of the world cup 2015!... nail biting... heart pumping...stomach churning... a result that see-sawed between both the teams till the very last over...a last ball finish! And as is in any sport, one team emerges victorious, the other loses: it wasNew Zealand's turn to create history (this was their first appearance in a World Cup final). For Proteas, better luck next time!

Moving on to the other semi final match between India and Australia – the less said thebetter!

On that fateful day I was in office (it was a Thursday). I switched on my computer in hurriedanticipation, and quickly logged on to Cricinfo.com. In Sydney, thousands of Indian fansflocked to the SCG to cheer the Indian team – a blue wave that outdid the yellow at SCG...but that seemed to be the only sign of dominance from India.

We allowed Australia to score a mammoth total of 328! When it came to chasing that downwe failed miserably! Unbeaten till now in their run up to the semi-finals India went out with not even an whimper – all out at 233 in the 47th over!

As for me – what could I say! Two scoops of butterscotch ice-cream (many thanks to the colleague who thought of it) did their bit in cheering me up.

So the "Mauka!" passed on to Australia (a veteran at playing World Cup finals) and New Zealand (a first timer)!

I was rooting for the underdogs – New Zealand!

Arch rivals – meeting in the finals of the World Cup for the first time. A cracker of a match you would have thought. But what followed was disappointing to say the least. New Zealand won the toss and decided to bat first, only to score a measly 183 in 46 overs! Which Aussies scored in 33 overs! Well, on the brighter side it was a befitting final for the captain of Australia who retired from ODIs and went out on the greatest high – holding the cup aloft after having hit the winning runs!

So in the end it was Australia who grabbed the mauka, winning the World Cup for the fifth time (yaaaawn)!

Now what next for cricket crazy me?

Countdown to the IPL 2015 ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ...

IPL Cricket

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