Comics, Cosplay and some more Comics: Delhi Comic Con 2015

Comics, Cosplay and some more Comics: Delhi Comic Con 2015

Avijit Sengupta

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December 10, 2015


What happens when you land up in the world of comics and bump into your favourite superheroes (and supervillains, of course)? Zap! You swoosh back to your schooldays – those fun years when reading comic books was the greatest happiness life offered us. That's exactly how Delhi Comic Con 2015 made me feel. As I stepped into the NSIC ground in Okhla last week, I found my comics universe come alive! Cheery, colourful stalls exhibiting a plethora of comic books and merchandise; a grand centre stage showcasing upcoming comics and the brains behind their creation; gleeful cosplayers roaming around in superbly created costumes of their beloved superheroes and baddies – the 5 th installment of Delhi Comic Con, undoubtedly, was stupendous fun (with a capital F)!

Dk stall at Comiccon

Contributing significantly to the 3-day extravaganza was the DK stall – a treasure-trove for all comic lovers. Stacked with marvellous books that give you a peek into the world of your favourite comic books and characters, DK was a crowd-puller right from day 1. From school-going kids who got their first taste of comic books with Marvel and DC to teenagers who graduated from Batman comics to the Batman: Arkham video game, even young adults ardent followers of Star Wars or Doctor Who, our stunning display of books lured them all. DC Comics Visual Chronicle, Marvel Encyclopedia, Ultimate Star Wars guide, Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia, Lego activity series, Disney Pixarpedia, Batman: Arkham Universe and World of Warcraft visual guides – you name it and they flew off the shelves like hot cakes. Added to the fun of buying books were freebies and DK goodies – who can resist Star Wars bracelets or Lego minifigures!


Kids at Comiccon

DK books

When you talk about Comic Con how can you not mention cosplay? Perhaps the USP of the convention, it's all about fans dressing up as comic book characters, going to the extent of mimicking their mannerisms. It is like stepping into comicland! There were characters from comics, movies, TV shows or video games walking past all around. The ones who stood out were awarded with goodies at the end of the day. So, while my friend was busy taking selfies with the neighbourhood superhero Spidey, I took note of the amazing cosplayers thronging the venue. And boy, there was everyone! Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Deathstroke, Cardcaptor Sakura (a manga character), Darth Vader, Wonder Woman, Goku (from Dragon Ball manga series), Lara Croft, Wolverine, Chun Li (from Street Fighter video games series), Chhota Bheem... phew, I lost track!


Amid all this, my moment of ecstasy came when the cosplayers entered the DK stall and jumped for joy on seeing our books profiling the characters they were cosplaying. A euphoric schoolkid Doctor Who asked for a photograph holding the Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia in front of shelves stacked with more! No doubt DK sold a lot of books at Comic Con, but the pure joy on his face at the sight of the book cover? Priceless!

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