The Joy of Photography

The Joy of Photography


Namita, a graphic designer and photographer with no last name. She is choosy, curious, minimalist and a chocolate truffle lover. In her words: "I may not know where I'm headed, but I enjoy the road I'm taking."
July 16, 2015



When I started “photography” I thought it would be something to engage in and learn about in my spare time. How wrong could I be! Almost before I knew it, the camera had become an integral part of my life, and photography a passion that continues to give me a sense of purpose and creative fulfilment.

Photography is like freezing a moment of time while time itself moves on – capturing the little details and fleeting moments of our everyday lives and using them to paint a larger canvas of the human experience. From going out scouting for that “perfect picture” to processing images using various softwares, every aspect of taking a photograph is challenging and richly rewarding.

Photography allows me to express myself artistically and is a constant source of self-discovery. It gives me a reason to explore new places, and to meet and connect with new people. Somehow, being behind the lens allows a realisation of the contrasting world out there. On one hand you get to see immense beauty, and on the other, the ugly side of life. There is such diversity to document. With photos, we can give out information to the public and increase their awareness of current events; an image can make an impact that words fall short of. As the saying goes: “A picture says a thousand words.”

There are so many genres of photography – commercial, fashion, wildlife, landscape, portrait, et cetera – each with its own specialised approach and style of treatment. Your mind-set and interests should influence the path that you choose as a photographer. When starting out, it is sometimes hard to define yourself as a photographer because you just don't have the experience. This is no longer such a problem, though, with online mediums of sharing and communicating. This is probably my favourite thing about putting up my work on social media – there is scope for instant critique, comments and comparison.

Photography is a journey that I have just begun to explore, and I can't wait to see where it leads me.










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